Life With Dogs

Having one dog in the house is a challenge. When you get a friend for your dog and end up with two, it is even more work. For those crazy enough (myself included) to get a third dog, having a clean house becomes a distant memory. Here are some of the things I have learned about having dogs in the house:

1. Dogs and Leather Don’t Mix
We have had our leather couches for a long time. They made it though both kids being young and still looked brand new. Unfortunately, leather doesn’t have the same magical powers over dogs. Our cushions have tears in the corners and have been scratched thanks to Bogey who loves to do the “scratch and spin in circles” thing.

2. Carpet is Not Okay Either
We have no carpets or rugs in the main area of our house. The dogs don’t go in our bedrooms. We used to have carpet and I vacuumed every day. I was disgusted with how much dust and hair came flying out of the carpet when we finally pulled it out. No matter how clean you may be, if you have pets in your house, your carpet is gross. I promise.

3. Learn To Love Your Vacuum and Mop
I have to clean my floors. Every day. Really.

4. Pray that Ingesting Dog Hair Isn’t Deadly
When I cook, I keep everything as clean as I can. I constantly wash my hands and wipe down counters. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop the occasional dog hair from finding it’s way into your food. Every time I pick one out, I can’t help but wonder how many we don’t find.

5. Forget About Black
You will NEVER wear black again (unless maybe your dog is black).

6. It Is Still Worth It
There are so many reasons not to have pets in the house, but it sure is nice to have them here anyway. There is always a dog to pet, cuddle with, laugh at and the house always feels so full of life with them here.


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  1. Donna

    I love my dog – and we’ve had some great dogs over the years – Missy, Spike, and Petey at the top of the list – but honestly, Kasha is less work than 3 dogs!! At least with her I don’t have to mop my floors every day and her kisses and hugs are just as warm and wonderful! As long as you love them… 🙂

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