Painting The Winter Away

The weather has left me with a lot of time at home, so I figured I may as well start a project. The wallpaper in the kitchen has somehow survived a decade living with me and I decided it was time for it to go. Plus, there is no cheaper way to update your house than a coat of paint.

Belle and I went to pick out the color and I finally caved and let her get the “toffee butter” color that she picked. We left Lowe’s carrying two gallons with the intent to paint the kitchen and adjoining den, which since the addition of a pool table should really be referred to as the billiard room.  I told Belle I hoped the color wasn’t a mistake because we had a lot of paint. She said, “Maybe we should’ve got a sample first”.

OK, maybe we should have. The thing is in all my years of painting, I have never found a color I like from a sample. When I paint, I prefer to just pick and pray.

I painted a part of the wall to see how the color looked. I was a little nervous after it dried. It looked very…orange. I decided to finish the wall anyway and the color started to grow on me. I have been working every day a little at a time since Friday and I am finally finished painting. Here is how it came out:





Now that everything is painted I really like the color. Robert also likes it because he says it looks “western”. Belle likes it because she picked the color. AJ says it looks like a “villa”.

I still have to install the baseboard and trim around the windows and doors. For now, I am just happy to have the painting done.




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9 responses to “Painting The Winter Away

  1. Wendy B

    Looks FANTASTIC!! I love it!!

  2. Wendy B

    I think that the paint manufactures are really on to something when it comes to the paints we choose. For example, my Kitchen is “Creamed Brown Sugar, my bedroom is ” Butter Dreams”, my Bathroom is “Coffee Kisses” and the trim is “Whipped Chocolate”….either they are brilliant and know their stuff, or I was just really hungry when I bought the paints.

  3. Donna

    Very nice! I like the color as well.

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