DIY Dry Erase Scoreboard

Since getting the pool table, our dry erase calendar has become covered up with scores from the games we have played and I decided a scoreboard would look a lot nicer.

I had an old 11X14 frame just sitting around and I figured glass would make the perfect surface for dry erase markers. That also meant I would be able to customize what went into the frame and I really liked the idea of that.

I found this awesome image of pool balls and went to work.


After about an hour, I had this.

scoreboard design

I printed the image and then added a mat to the frame and hung it on the wall.

scoreboard 2

I am not sure how I feel about the white mat, but it was just what I had in the house. Plus it was free.


Now our pool sticks have some much needed company and I have my calendar back.




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2 responses to “DIY Dry Erase Scoreboard

  1. Lisa

    Oh man…you are just too talented. Can you make us one?:) Is the image a dry erase?

    Can you paint the border the same as your wall?

    • Sure, I can make you one. Just pick a frame you like and let me know how you want it to look.

      I am using the glass on the frame for the dry erase surface.

      I like the idea of the border being wall color. I will test my paint out on a spare mat and see if I can make it work. Thanks!

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